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About STAF

Save The Animals Foundation, Inc., (STAF) is a Gloucester County, NJ-based, non-profit, all volunteer group, dedicated to:

  • Reducing the number of unwanted animals by advocating and providing financial assistance for spay/neuter.
  • Finding permanent, loving homes for companion animals.
  • Providing financial assistance for medical care of needy animals.
  • Educating the public to promote humane care of companion animals and respect for all living creatures.


STAF is successful because our hard-working Board of Directors realize that the animals come first. In all of our meetings, for all of our projects, regardless of individual differences of opinion, we always return to that one basic fact. The animals come first. They are the reason that we exist, and everything we do is done for their benefit. The money needed to achieve these goals and others is acquired by holding fund-raising events throughout the year, placing donation jars at various locations in and around the area, soliciting corporate sponsors, writing grant proposals and seeking contributions from the public. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and serve many functions. Some work on our newsletter, some coordinate events, some provide humane education to the public, and some do hands-on work with cats and dogs. All are necessary to fulfill our purpose. STAF is really proud of our accomplishments. As you can see from our statistics, we’ve done a great job of spaying and neutering lots of cats and dogs (and even a couple of bunnies). Our board is small, but very dedicated. Why do we do it? Many reasons! Obviously, we care deeply about animals and want to make their lives better. But we’re not just a bunch of self-sacrificing do-gooders (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Our work brings us a lot of satisfaction, and most if it is a lot of fun! We get to work with people who share our goals, and we’ve developed some deep and lasting friendships and alliances. STAF has come a long way since its inception, and we continue to grow. We sincerely hope that we will be able to continue to make a positive difference in the animal community. 


STAF's Board of Directors - Officers and Trustees


PRESIDENT: Diana Malcontento


SECRETARY:  Donna Reed

TREASURER:  Paula Dean



Joan Bullock

Steve Bullock

Dee Fell

Mary Esther Fritz

Maureen Koplow

Richard Malcontento

Rick Young


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